In the early days of the internet before spam became such an issue, it was easy to “stay in front of your customers”: simply offer a newsletter signup and voila, you had a way to send them information regularly. Of course today, no one signs up for newsletters any more. Then people started offering a “Free Report”. That worked well for awhile but even that has become a bit cliche and overused. So how do you stay in front of your customers today?

Have you ever visited a website and then noticed ads for that company “following you around” the internet? If so, then you have seen Retargeting in action.


An important goal for any company is staying in the mind of someone once they leave your site. In this information age, this is not easy to do. With retargeting you can be right in front of them as they spend time on countless websites including Youtube and Facebook.

At this point in time, retargeting has proven its effectiveness. Once you give it a trial run, you will not want to stop! Try it out today and see how much it can help grow your business.